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The Institute’s Family Medicine Residency programs attract talented and diverse faculty and residents committed to high-quality family health services for medically underserved communities. The spotlights below highlight the compassion, dedication and skill that our faculty and residents bring to their practice. You can also view our complete lists of faculty and resident bios.

Robert B. Goldberg

Headshot of Robert B. Goldberg

Leila Hagshenas

Headshot of Leila Hagshenas

Wesley Ho

Headshot of Wesley Ho

Elsen Jacob

Headshot of Elsen Jacob

Lawrence Jacowitz

Headshot of Lawrence Jacowitz

Mark Josefski

Headshot of Mark Josefski

Sara Beth Karp

Headshot of Sara Beth Karp

Cynthia Kim

Headshot of Cynthia Kim

Kelly Kirkpatrick

Headshot of Kelly Kirkpatrick

Ruth Lesnewski

Headshot of Ruth Lesnewski

Joseph Lurio

Headshot of Joseph Lurio

Aimee Mankodi

Headshot of Aimee Mankodi

Peter Marcus

Headshot of Peter Marcus

Andrea Maritato

Headshot of Andrea Maritato

Maurice Martin

Headshot of Maurice Martin

Ben McLaughlin

Headshot of Ben McLaughlin

Ivonne McLean

Headshot of Ivonne McLean

Lucia McLendon

Headshot of Lucia McLendon

Megan McMullan

Headshot of Megan McMullan

Yisaira Mendez

Headshot of Yisaira Mendez

Insung Min

Headshot of Insung Min

Robert Murayama-Greenbaum

Headshot of Robert Murayama-Greenbaum

Daniel Napolitano

Headshot of Daniel Napolitano

Nicole Neretin

Headshot of Nicole Neretin

Ruth Pallapati

Headshot of Ruth Pallapati

Joel Panthappattu

Headshot of Joel Panthappattu

Akash Patel

Headshot of Akash Patel

Olivia Perlmutt

Headshot of Olivia Perlmutt