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The Institute’s Family Medicine Residency programs attract talented and diverse faculty and residents committed to high-quality family health services for medically underserved communities. The spotlights below highlight the compassion, dedication and skill that our faculty and residents bring to their practice. You can also view our complete lists of faculty and resident bios.

Marjorie Affel

Headshot of Marjorie Affel

Radeeb Akhtar

Headshot of Radeeb Akhtar

Goldie Alfasi

Headshot of Goldie Alfasi

Victor Sta. Ana

Headshot of Victor Sta. Ana

Guedy Arniella

Headshot of Guedy Arniella

Marek Balutowski

Headshot of Marek Balutowski

Augustus Bentsi-Barnes

Headshot of Augustus Bentsi-Barnes

Lindsay Blevins

Headshot of Lindsay Blevins

Mindy Brittner

Headshot of Mindy Brittner

Neil S. Calman

Headshot of Neil S. Calman

Jincy Cherian

Headshot of Jincy Cherian

Julia Cooper

Headshot placeholder for Julia Cooper

Janice Cyr

Headshot of Janice Cyr

Aashish Dadarwala

Headshot of Aashish Dadarwala

Fern Davis

Headshot of Fern Davis

Julie Desch

Headshot of Julie Desch

Melissa Evans

Headshot of Melissa Evans

Bridget Foy

Headshot of Bridget Foy

Michaela Frazier

Headshot of Michaela Frazier

Eric Gayle

Headshot of Eric Gayle

Ginger Gillespie

Headshot of Ginger Gillespie

Regina Ginzburg

Headshot of Regina Ginzburg

Margaret Glausser

Headshot of Margaret Glausser

Robert Goldberg

Headshot of Robert Goldberg

Ashley Guadalupe-Padgett

Headshot of Ashley Guadalupe-Padgett

Leila Hagshenas

Headshot of Leila Hagshenas

Wesley Ho

Headshot of Wesley Ho

Lauren Hoogewerff

Headshot of Lauren Hoogewerff