NEW! Telehealth Visits
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NEW! Telehealth Visits

We now offer telehealth video visits for primary care and behavioral health. New patients welcome.

With telehealth, you can access the care you need from home, using any phone, tablet or computer.

Here’s how it works:

You can request a telehealth visit with your regular health care provider or any available provider. Telehealth services are available on weekdays, evenings and weekends. For complete telehealth hours at all locations, visit and select your region.

If you are a current patient with a MyChart account, you can schedule a telehealth appointment for medical care through MyChart.

Schedule with MyChart

If you are a current patient age 26 or older and you don’t have MyChart, you can sign up for an account here.

If you are a new patient or you don’t have MyChart, or want to schedule a telehealth appointment for mental health, call your nearest health center.

Contact your nearest health center

Telehealth questions and answers

Who can use telehealth visits?
Anyone! Telehealth visits are for patients of all ages, including prenatal patients. We encourage current patients and new patients to use this service. If you are a current patient, you can schedule a telehealth appointment through MyChart or call your health center. If you are a new patient, please call us and ask to schedule a telehealth appointment.

Will my insurance cover telehealth?
Most insurance plans cover telehealth. Need insurance? We can help.

Is it private and secure?
Yes, our staff will always be in a space where they can securely call you. They also have secure access to our Electronic Health Record, so they can see your records.

What should I do to prepare for my telehealth visit?
If you are using a cellphone, tablet or laptop, make sure it is charged. Try to find a quiet space for your visit. If you have a scale, blood pressure cuff, measuring tape or a glucometer, have these ready so you can give information to your health care provider.

Just like at your regular visits, try not to do other things at the same time. Focus on paying attention to your conversation with your health care provider.

How does a video visit work? Do I need special equipment?
For a video visit, you can use any of these devices:

  • An Android phone or tablet with Chrome
  • An iPhone or iPad with Safari
  • A desktop or laptop computer (Mac or PC) with Chrome
  • We recommend headphones or earbuds that have a microphone, but you can also use the speakers and microphone on your device

After you schedule your appointment, we’ll send you a link to your “virtual waiting room.” Click the link ten minutes before your appointment time. Allow access to your camera and microphone, and type in your name. When your health care provider is ready to join you, you’ll see them on your screen.

For more information, please read our tip sheet on video visits.

How does a phone visit work?
Your provider will call you at your appointment time. It is very likely that you will receive a call from a private or blocked number. Please answer the call even if you cannot see the phone number.

How do I reschedule?
Use MyChart or call your health center.

Ready to schedule a telehealth visit? Login to MyChart or call your nearest health center.

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