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Our Philosophy

Institute for Family Health centers set a high standard for community health care. We offer top-quality, patient-centered services to people of all ages, regardless of their financial situation.

We care for your whole family.

All Institute health centers use the family practice model of care. We provide continuing, comprehensive health care for you and your family.

Our family physicians and family nurse practitioners care for people of all ages, from infants to the elderly. This means that everyone in your family can be seen by the same doctor or nurse practitioner.
We give special attention to the effect that family relationships have on your health. And we try to understand how changes in your personal relationships, job, or community can affect your health.

We care for your whole body.

Primary medical care is at the heart of our services. We offer physical exams, immunizations, gynecology, and many important health screenings. You can come see us when are sick, and also when you feel good and want to stay that way. We also offer behavioral health care, dental care, nutrition counseling, care for special conditions like diabetes, and many health education programs. We can help you keep your whole body healthy.

We use the latest technology.

All Institute health centers use a state-of-the-art electronic health record (EHR). The EHR is a secure computer system that helps us offer the best possible care. We use our EHR to remind you when important screenings (like mammograms or cholesterol tests) are due. We use it to monitor changes in your health over time. And we use it to give you access to your own health records through our secure, innovative patient website, MyChart.

We care about community health.

The Institute for Family Health knows that health doesn’t begin at the doctor’s office. We use outreach, advocacy and education to help our patients turn their communities into healthy places to live, work, learn and play.