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The Institute’s Family Medicine Residency programs attract talented and diverse faculty and residents committed to high-quality family health services for medically underserved communities. The spotlights below highlight the compassion, dedication and skill that our faculty and residents bring to their practice. You can also view our complete lists of faculty and resident bios.

Veronica Rivera

Headshot of Veronica Rivera

Camila Rivera-Morales

Headshot of Camila Rivera-Morales

Rachel Roth

Headshot of Rachel Roth

Susan Rubin

Headshot of Susan Rubin

Tonya Ryan

Headshot of Tonya Ryan

Marta Sanchez

Headshot of Marta Sanchez

Jaime Schehr

Headshot of Jaime Schehr

Robert “Red” Schiller

Headshot of Robert “Red” Schiller

Julie Schoonover

Headshot of Julie Schoonover

Noreen Singh

Headshot of Noreen Singh

Aimee Smith

Headshot of Aimee Smith

Martha L. Smith

Headshot placeholder for Martha L. Smith

C. Davis Sprague

Headshot of C. Davis Sprague

Victor Sta.Ana

Headshot of Victor Sta.Ana

Gabrielle Surick

Headshot of Gabrielle Surick

Raymond Teets

Headshot of Raymond Teets

Jonas Telson

Headshot of Jonas Telson

Patricia Trippe

Headshot of Patricia Trippe

Kristina Ursitti

Headshot of Kristina Ursitti

Zahra Virani

Headshot of Zahra Virani

Margaret Walsh

Headshot of Margaret Walsh

Eve Walter

Headshot of Eve Walter

Caitlin Weber

Headshot of Caitlin Weber

Monica Weinberg

Headshot of Monica Weinberg

Philip Weiss

Headshot of Philip Weiss

Walter Woodley

Headshot of Walter Woodley