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Bronx Health REACH was formed in 1999 to eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in health outcomes in diabetes and heart disease in African American and Latino communities in the southwest Bronx. Since then, the Bronx Health REACH coalition, led by the Institute for Family Health, has grown to include over 70 community-based organizations, health care providers, faith-based institutions, housing, and social service agencies. In 2007, Bronx Health REACH was recognized as a Center of Excellence in the Elimination of Disparities by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and began providing Legacy Project grants to other community coalitions working to eliminate disparities in healthcare. Building on the progress made over the last decade, Bronx Health REACH will continue to work with community members, coalition members, partners, and funders to eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in health outcomes once and for all.


Bronx Health REACH/The Institute for Family Health Launches Influenza Vaccination Month in the Bronx with Flu Vaccine Clinic at Church of God of Prophecy

  On Tuesday, December 1, Bronx Health REACH/The Institute for Family Health launched the Bronx Flu Fighters campaign to increase flu vaccination rates in the Bronx. This month long effort is an extension of the one week-National Flu Vaccination Week which is from December 6-12. The launch took place at Church of God of Prophecy, …read more

Bronx Health REACH Coalition Statement on the Death of George Floyd

The Bronx Health REACH Coalition affirms the right of black communities and all communities experiencing systemic and structural racism to dismantle those systems. As a coalition of organizations working to eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities, we are called to work against the systems which harm black health. You can take the following actions to …read more

COVID-19 Information; Emergency Food Services for School Children, Seniors and the Community; plus Other Resources

Please note: Due to the changing nature of the pandemic, information below may have changed. For the most recent, up to date information, please follow our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. We understand you may be concerned about COVID-19, the Novel Coronavirus that has spread worldwide and is now here in America with New York …read more


Bronx Health REACH Health Disparities Workgroup Meets with Mayor; Holds Rally at City Hall to Demand that Elected Officials Make the Bronx a Priority

  New York, NY  (December 17, 2019) — On Monday, November 25th, members of the Bronx Health REACH Coalition’s Health Disparities Workgroup met with Mayor Bill de Blasio to discuss the need for his administration to prioritize the Bronx in light of its persistent last place ranking in health outcomes among New York State’s 62 …read more

Bronx Health REACH Project Director Charmaine Ruddock Provides Testimony in Support of the New York Health Act

Charmaine Ruddock, the Project Director for the Institute for Family Health’s Bronx Health REACH, provided testimony today in support of the New York Health Act at the third and final public hearing held today at the Bronx Library Center. Ms. Ruddock was one of sixty individuals providing testimony in support of the New York Health …read more

The Bronx Health REACH Coalition Submits Testimony to NYC Council to Include Policies Supporting Bodegas Selling Healthy Foods

The Bronx Health REACH Coalition submitted testimony to the New York City Council’s 10-year food policy plan discussed in Int 1654, which requires the Office of Food Policy to formulate a 10-year food policy plan. The Bronx Health REACH Coalition is supportive of the bills being considered in the hearing and appreciative of the Council’s …read more

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