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PICHC of Dutchess County

Perinatal and Infant Community Health Collaborative (PICHC) of Dutchess County is your health partner for women’s reproductive health needs. No matter what stage of your life you are at: not planning to be pregnant anytime soon, planning a pregnancy, pregnant or just had a baby – we have services for you! Our free and confidential services aim to keep you healthy and give you the care you need. If you are a woman between the ages of 15-54, or within your child-bearing years, who lives in Duchess County and can answer yes to any of the questions below, we can help!

**We offer bilingual services as well – También ofrecemos servicios bilingües**

Interested in pregnancy prevention methods?

You have other goals that you want to reach right now or perhaps you have decided your family is at the perfect size. That’s OK! Contact us and we can assist you with getting health insurance and a primary care provider that can discuss birth control options and safe sexual health with you.

Are you planning a pregnancy?

There is a lot to do to prepare your body, if you haven’t done so already. Let us help you find a doctor or health care provider so you have access to the information and services you need.

Are you pregnant?

Let’s make sure you are getting all of the prenatal care you and your baby deserve. Women who receive prenatal care have healthier babies and reduce the risk of low birth weight and premature delivery.

Did you just have a baby?

You probably have many questions regarding the care of both your newborn and yourself. We are also partnered with the Healthy Families program, which can help give your baby a great start.

Our supportive and professional staff is ready to help give you the peace of mind you need. Let us be your personal health coach!

We can help you with:

  • Breastfeeding support
  • Getting health insurance for you and/or your baby
  • Finding a doctor
  • Providing you free pregnancy and STD testing
  • Family planning assistance and birth control options
  • Transportation to appointments
  • Finding pregnancy and parenting information
  • Linkage to supportive services (food, clothing, employment, housing, going back to school, etc.)
  • Free community workshops about healthy lifestyle choices
  • Assistance with smoking cessation during pregnancy
  • Concerns about anxiety, depression, self-esteem, etc. (linkage to mental health/counseling)
  • Emergency support
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