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Diabetes Care

The Institute for Family Health is committed to providing the best diabetes care to all of our patients. Our program is nationally recognized by the American Association of Diabetes Educators for providing quality diabetes care.

Our team includes:

Medical Providers: Our family doctors and nurse practitioners are dedicated to helping you manage your diabetes. They will keep your labs up to date, schedule yearly screenings like eye and foot exams, and ensure you’re on the correct medications.

Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs): CDEs are licensed professionals who can help you learn about nutrition, medications, insulin, exercise, and many other ways of staying healthy.

Ask your diabetes educator to show you how to use the “Healthy Plate Method” to manage your diabetes and lose weight.

Social Workers: Our team of case managers and mental health providers can help you access benefits, legal assistance, alcohol and drug counseling referrals and more.

Diabetes Health Coaches: They work closely with you, your provider, your educator, and your social worker to help you make the most of our services.

At some locations, we offer:

Onsite A1C results: This important diabetes test is available in our own clinics, so you can get your results right away.

Educational groups: Each group consists of 10-12 patients who meet to learn about diabetes, share tips and eat healthy snacks. You will learn from our diabetes educators, and more importantly, you will learn from each other!

Diabetes Day: Once a month, many of our locations have a “Diabetes Day.” On these days, you can visit with your primary care provider, your diabetes educator, your social worker and your diabetes health coach in a single visit.

Managing a disease like diabetes can be challenging. At the Institute we are here to help you take control – call today!

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