Clinical Research Fellowship in Family Medicine
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Clinical Research Fellowship in Family Medicine

The Institute for Family Health offers a two year research fellowship program in clinical research training. The fellowship is designed to train family medicine physicians in the fundamentals of clinical and population health research while simultaneously advancing the Institute’s mission of both generating and using evidence-based practices to benefit its diverse patient population. The fellowship is a collaboration between the Institute, Health Alliance of the Hudson Valley, and the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS).

Curriculum and Setting

Fellows maintain a patient panel at one of the Institute’s community health centers practicing a minimum of two sessions per week. Fellows must dedicate at least 20 hours to research per week.


Fellows have the opportunity to conduct research supporting one of the variety of patient-centered initiatives at the Institute, including women’s reproductive health, management of chronic kidney disease, social determinants of health, addiction medicine, integrative medicine, and behavioral health. Fellows will carry out research in the Institute’s community health centers located in the Mid-Hudson Valley region of upstate New York, as well as in Manhattan and the Bronx in New York City.

Professional Learning

Each fellow will be assigned a mentor who will provide guidance in research methodology and project management. Fellows will draw support from the myriad researchers, physicians, and program management staff at the Institute and ISMMS. Fellows will participate in monthly meetings where they will receive presentation from invited guests and give research-in-progress presentations to their co-fellows, mentors, and other faculty.

Supplementary Education and Special Interest Areas

Fellows are encouraged to pursue a Master’s degree in Public Health or other health sciences degree from a New York City university during their two-year program. Through a partnership with the City University of New York, fellows can pursue their degree at a CUNY institution through an expedited application process. The Institute will also work with fellows to pursue other professional development opportunities relevant to their particular interests and to their investigator training needs.

Program Leadership

Eligibility Criteria

Enrollment is rolling. For any questions, please email Matthew Beyrouty at

Candidates must satisfy the following eligibility requirements:

(a) be enrolled or have completed a graduate medical education program,

(b) be a United States or Canadian citizen or national, or be a permanent resident of the United States or Canada; and

(c) One of the following:

  • be a graduate of a medical, dental or podiatric school located in New York State;
  • be a graduate of or resident in a graduate medical education program where the sponsoring institution is located in New York State;
  • have resided in New York State by October, 2021.


Olivia Perlmutt (2015)

Cynthia Calixte (2015)

Seema Shah (2015)

Anita Ravi (2015)

Michelle Bejar (2015)

Julie Schultz (2015)

Jennifer Eaton (2017)

Ivonne Mclean (2017)

Julie Schoonover (2019)

Ann Winters (2019)

Tonie McKenzie (2021)

Clinical Research Fellowship in Family Medicine ImageNeil Calman, MD, FAAFP
Fellowship Director
Clinical Research Fellowship in Family Medicine ImageSusan Rubin, MD, MPH
Fellowship Mentor
Clinical Research Fellowship in Family Medicine ImageMatthew Beyrouty, MPA
Fellowship Co-Administrator
Clinical Research Fellowship in Family Medicine ImageSaskia Shuman, MHS
Fellowship Co-Administrator
Clinical Research Fellowship in Family Medicine ImageTonie McKenzie, MD
Current Fellow