Our Community: New York City
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Our Community: New York City

Downtown Manhattan

The Institute operates one full-time health center and three school-based health centers in downtown Manhattan. With their centralized location relative to public transportation, the downtown centers serve a large number of patients from low-income neighborhoods from throughout New York City. The Institute’s 17th St health center, also attracts many self-employed residents from lower Manhattan, the majority of whom are uninsured or underinsured.

Because of these factors, the patient populations served at the Institute’s downtown Manhattan sites do not reflect the resident population in the immediate vicinity, but rather, the patient population reflects a higher-need group of people that can easily access these sites.

Lower Manhattan Patients at the Institute’s
17th St health center
Residents of Chelsea/
Clinton Area1,2
Residents of NYC3
Percent of adults receiving Medicaid 35% 9.6% 24%
Percent of adults uninsured 21% 11% 12%
Percent of adults receiving Medicare 10% 13.4% 16%
Percent of adults without needed medical care N/A 8% 10%


The Institute also provides services in the historic neighborhood of Harlem. Due to its unique history and culture, we’ve described our Harlem community separately – please click here to learn more.

Healthcare for the Homeless

In addition, Institute clinicians work at six part-time centers in Manhattan that are operated through a subcontract with Care for the Homeless of New York. These sites provide primary care, health education and outreach at community sites which serve homeless individuals and families. An additional site serves homeless LGBTQ youth and young adults.

The homeless have a higher incidence than the general population of nearly every health condition. Many present with extremely complicated histories and conditions that are often exacerbated by mental illness. In addition, a significant portion of patients are drug and alcohol dependent. Apart from the obvious financial and institutional barriers to care that the homeless face, their health challenges are exacerbated by factors difficult to control when homeless, such as living conditions, sleep hygiene and nutrition.


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