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Research & Electives

Current Research at the Institute for Family Health

  • Contraceptive Access

Expand access to IUDs and use of contraception into regular primary care practice.

  • Diabetes quality of care implementation into practice

Use of the EHR provided diabetes registry to improve the quality of care rendered through reflection and system-wide interventions.

  • Electronic Health Records: Improving Quality and Reducing Disparities;

Study of the use of Best Practice Alerts and their effects on provider behavior. Studies relating to the implementation of an EHR-based patient portal, known as MyChart-MyHealth, including assessment of use and impact on patients and providers.

  • Evaluation of Electronic Health Information Exchange

Collaboration with the New York City Department of Health in monitoring city-wide disease outbreaks and immediate system-wide implementation of action

  • Preventing Low Birth Weight Babies: The Role of Primary Prevention

Collaboration with the IMPLICIT program to intervene on multiple levels in preventing low birth weight

  • Reproductive Health Procedures in Primary Care Settings

Multiple projects to assess patient satisfaction, expand use of least invasive options in the most patient centered environment, training of providers, expansion of access.

  • Evaluating the Use of Centering Pregnancy in a Residency Practice

Study and evaluation of the impact of integrating Centering Pregnancy (group prenatal care) into a residency practice on resident education and patient outcomes.

  • Bronx Faith-based Initiative to Eliminate Racial Disparities in Health
    This study builds on Bronx Health REACH, the CDC-funded project led by the Institute to address racial and ethnic health disparities.