Health Tip of the Week (#DiabetesMonth): All About Grains
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Health Tip of the Week (#DiabetesMonth): All About Grains

November 11, 2015

Health Tip of the Week (#DiabetesMonth): All About Grains

Get to know your grains! Carbohydrates are an important part of everyone’s diet, but the type and amount we eat is especially important to consider for those living with diabetes. Whole grains are the best choice for controlling diabetes as they contain beneficial fiber that refined or processed, white grain products do not. Whole grains can help control blood sugar spikes, cholesterol levels, and keep you feeling full longer. Fill one quarter of your plate with whole grains and half of your plate with fruits and vegetables instead of other refined carbohydrates. Want to try some new grains? Here are a few you might not be familiar with:

  • Quinoa- pronounced “keen-WAH”. This nutty grain cooks in minutes and can be prepared just like your favorite rice dish.
  • Amaranth- popular in Latin America, this ancient grain can be eaten as a cold cereal or stirred into soups and stews.
  • Bulgur- a Middle Eastern grain packed with protein and fiber. Add it to green salads or with sautéed onions and parsley for a tasty side dish.
  • Millet- this grain helps control glucose levels and is great for making oatmeal-like porridge or as creamy polenta.

Throughout American Diabetes Month we will share a tip each week that can help you prevent or control diabetes. Stay tuned for more!  Click here to learn more about our diabetes services.

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