Health Tip of the Week (#DiabetesMonth): Get Moving
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Health Tip of the Week (#DiabetesMonth): Get Moving

November 6, 2015

Health Tip of the Week (#DiabetesMonth): Get Moving

Physical activity and exercise are important for managing diabetes. Hard working muscles are more sensitive to insulin and will remove glucose from the blood better. For people with or at risk for diabetes, it is important to do both aerobic exercise and strength training.

Moderate aerobic exercise is any activity that elevates your heart rate, such as walking quickly, jogging or running, biking or swimming. It is recommended to perform 30 minutes of aerobic activity five days a week. Strength training such as, lifting weights, using resistance bands or doing push-ups or lunges, is important to build strong bones and muscles. Aim for two days of strength training per week, in addition to your aerobic activity. To make exercising more fun, grab a friend or family member and go for a walk, put on music and dance while doing the dishes, or set personal goals for your workouts and turn exercising into a friendly competition with yourself!

Throughout American Diabetes Month we will share a tip each week that can help you prevent or control diabetes. Stay tuned for more!  Click here to learn more about our diabetes services.