Why We ♥ The ACA: Reason #1

February 14, 2017

Recently, we shared What an ACA Repeal Would Mean to Us, a list of our favorite things about the Affordable Care Act (also known as the ACA or Obamacare). Each week in February and March, we’ll highlight one reason We the ACA, along with the real-life stories of people who’ve benefited from ACA programs and services.

Reason #1: We get to train more doctors who care about high-need communities
The ACA provided money for “Teaching Health Centers” that train primary care providers in health centers like the Institute. These doctors are more likely to continue to work in high-need communities, and to provide outstanding primary care in communities with a shortage of physicians. The Institute operates two Teaching Health Center programs: one in Kingston, NY and one in Harlem, together graduating 18 new primary care physicians annually – that’s 18 new doctors each year, ready to serve those who need them most.

Dr. Aimee Mankodi, a recent graduate of the Institute’s Harlem Residency in Family Medicine, explains the transformational training offered by Teaching Health Centers: “If you believe that health care can be delivered to patients with dignity, and high quality, the Teaching Health Centers programs are where you can go to become inspired to make change – every day.”

Like many Teaching Health Centers graduates, Dr. Mankodi continued serving those most in need after graduation. She’s now a family physician at the Institute’s Walton Family Health Center, where she takes a special interest in providing family-centered maternity and infant care.

We are so proud of our graduates!


Check our blog each week through March for more reasons why We the ACA.


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