Save our Teaching Health Centers – #SaveOurDocs

January 12, 2016

Photo: Class of 2018 residents from our THC-funded Harlem Residency in Family Medicine. Our Mid-Hudson Family Medicine Residency Program is partially funded by THC.


Though the THCGME (Teaching Health Center Graduate Medical Education) program was extended for two years, HRSA recently released program guidance reducing the already-established $150,000 per resident amount to $95,000 per resident. As a result of the reduced funding, many Teaching Health Centers will consider closing or winding down their program. This would be a crippling blow for this exceptional program.

Teaching Health Centers (THCs) are community-based primary care training programs committed to preparing health professionals to serve the health needs of the community. By moving primary care training into the community, THCs are on the leading edge of innovative educational programming dedicated to ensuring a relevant and sufficient supply of health workforce professionals. Though THCs often collaborate with other health and education organizations to ensure quality training for their students, they maintain the lead role in setting the educational mission and framework for their training programs.




Teaching Health Centers are funded, in part, by the Teaching Health Center Graduate Medical Education (GME) program, a $230 million, five-year initiative established under the Affordable Care Act to increase the number of primary care residents trained in community-based settings.

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