Meet our Family Medicine Residency Class of 2023!

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Sophia Guida

Meet our Family Medicine Residency Class of 2023!

July 27, 2020

This month, we were thrilled to welcome the newest members of our three family medicine residencies — the Class of 2023! This accomplished group of newly-minted family physicians has demonstrated commitment to the Institute’s mission of providing top-quality primary care to all our patients, regardless of insurance status or ability to pay.

Here at the Institute, we are proud to train the next generation of compassionate, dedicated family physicians. You can find our residents working to provide care at our health centers in Kingston, Ellenville, New Paltz, Harlem, downtown Manhattan and the Bronx. They care for patients in communities with significant health disparities, both in outcomes and access to healthcare. In addition, many of our residents continue to practice in these same communities after they graduate, which increases the number of skilled providers available in high-need areas.

Please join us in welcoming the Class of 2023!


Harlem residents Class of 2023

Harlem Residency in Family Medicine (from the top, left to right): Dr. Mark Lorthe, Dr. Mallika Govindan, Dr. Horace Brown,  Dr. seer, Dr. Sarah Duncan, Dr. Shannon E. Pringle, Dr. Bianca S. Hill. Read more about the Harlem Class of 2023.


Downtown residents Class of 2023


Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Program (Downtown Residency in Urban Family Medicine) (from the top, left to right): Dr. Elaina Ramos, Dr. Alexa Goldstein, Dr. Julia Eicher, Dr. Talia Maridueña-Urdanigo, Dr. Noosheen Javadi, Dr. Andreas Lazaris. Read more about the Downtown Class of 2023.

Mid-Hudson residents Class of 2023

 Mid-Hudson Family Medicine Residency (from the top, left to right): Dr. Meea Yim, Dr. Anita Venkatesan, Dr. Clarissa A. Ortiz, Dr. Aparna Panja, Dr. Celina Serrano, Dr. Kyle Huang, Dr. Devashree Parmar, Dr. Christopher Gamboa, Dr. Aaron Choy, Dr. Andres H. Aguilera-Fish. Read more about the Mid-Hudson Class of 2023.