A Centering reunion for new moms over Zoom

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Sophia Guida

A Centering reunion for new moms over Zoom

May 11, 2020

COVID-19 has changed nearly every aspect of our lives these past weeks, but it hasn’t changed the fact that babies are still being born every minute. At the Institute’s Walton Family Health Center and Center for Counseling, it also hasn’t changed the support that mothers and babies get.

Joandalys Tejada, the health center’s Maternal Health Advocate, was disappointed when her CenteringPregnancy™ groups suddenly could no longer meet in person in mid-March due to concerns about COVID-19. However, several patients reached out to Joandalys, expressing an interest in reconnecting now that they had given birth. Three moms and their babies joined a reunion over Zoom with Joandalys and their prenatal providers, Margaret Walsh and Tene Mcdonald-Gelin.

The patients shared their birth and breastfeeding experiences, and swapped tips about infant sleep and how to get a moment of peace to themselves during quarantine. As all of the faces on the screen nodded in agreement, one mom said, “You’ve got to be mentally strong and not break down.”

Margaret Walsh, who said this reunion was the highlight of her week, congratulated everyone on their successes in motherhood. “Everyone’s dressed and your babies are calm. This is not easy to do when you’re quarantined, but you’re all doing a great job.”

CenteringPregnancy™ provides prenatal care in a supportive group setting. In discussions led by a maternal health advocate, participants with similar due dates learn about self-care, preparing for birth, baby care and other topics. If you are expecting and would like more information, reach out to your Institute health center to connect to a Maternal Health Advocate. You can also schedule a telehealth appointment with a provider for prenatal care.

Mothers and babies partake in a reunion for their Centering group over Zoom