Nutrition and physical activity education – while important – are not enough to create lasting behavior change. To adopt a healthier lifestyle, individuals need to live and work in communities with access to affordable healthy foods and the opportunity for physical activity in safe spaces. For over a decade, Bronx Health REACH has supported efforts at churches, schools, Bodegas, and restaurants to increase opportunities for healthy eating and physical activity in the community. The coalition also advocates for effective nutrition and fitness policies to create sustainable change in communities and increase access for healthy food.

As part of its community outreach, Bronx Health REACH developed a social marketing campaign to promote fruit and vegetable consumption to children using child-friendly messaging strategies. Bronx Health REACH also tailored the New York City Department of Health’s Adopt-A-Bodega program for use by community groups, churches, and schools. Through the program, community members were encouraged to work with small, local grocers to increase the availability of fresh produce and healthy food options. Bronx Health REACH encouraged community members to support other programs throughout New York City that promote healthy food including:

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