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Growing Gardens Growing Kids

Growing Gardens Growing Kids

Pando Projects is a nonprofit aimed at empowering people to develop grassroots solutions to address problems in their communities. For the past year, Bronx Health REACH’s Community HealthCorps member Ying Guo has been working with Head Start and the MidBronx Early Learning Program to start community gardens in pre-K classes through Pando Projects. Watch a video highlighting Ying’s efforts and those of other Pando Project leaders here.

Pando Projects from Pando Projects on Vimeo.

Ying was inspired to start her project, Growing Gardens Growing Kids, through her work with Bronx Health REACH in the south Bronx. She saw the lack of fresh produce available to children and decided to start a community garden to increase access to fresh foods and vegetables and provide hands-on learning. By using EarthBoxes, specially designed boxes that are mobile and don’t require digging up land, the classes have been able to grow zucchini, tomatoes, strawberries, and more. To learn more about Growing Gardens Growing Kids and see pictures of the gardens and the gardeners, read Ying’s project blog.

Bronx Health REACH supports these efforts and thanks Ying for her dedication and hard work in building a healthier environment in our community.