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The Institute completes construction for two new community health centers: Pine Street Family Health Center at 140 Pine Street in Kingston, NY; and a new center on West 108th Street in Manhattan that is co-located with a supportive housing development. Both sites are scheduled to open in 2023.


The Institute has collaborated with national funders and researchers, including the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and the National Institute of Health’s Community Engagement Alliance Against COVID 19 (CEAL) to reach out to vulnerable populations across the city to educate groups about the COVID-19 vaccines and to make vaccines accessible in the community. As part of these efforts, the Institute has worked with faith-based organizations of multiple denominations, groups serving immigrants, and organizations working with people involved with the justice system, among others.

The Institute supports NYC-wide efforts to welcome and assure appropriate services for recently-arrived asylum-seekers from Central and South America. In collaboration with City agencies, public schools where we operate school-based health centers, and groups, Institute staff teams work to connect individuals and families to essential health services.


The Institute establishes seven of its health centers as COVID-19 vaccine distribution sites. Vaccines are offered at no out-of-pocket cost to all eligible individuals at two locations in the Bronx, one in Manhattan, and four in the Mid-Hudson Valley. In the first half of the year, over 14,000 people accessed the life-saving COVID-19 vaccine at an Institute site.


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Institute rapidly launched a new telehealth program, thereby safely sustaining access to care for underserved New York communities. By the end of 2020, patients accessed nearly 300,000 virtual primary care, mental health and social services visits.


The Institute received competitive funding from the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration to launch a new family nurse practitioner residency program in the Bronx.

The Institute opened its first school-based health center in the Bronx at JHS 123, the James M. Kieran School.

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