James M. Kieran Campus Gets a New School-Based Health Center

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Erica Commisso

James M. Kieran Campus Gets a New School-Based Health Center

September 8, 2019

On September 5, 2019, the Institute opened our first school based health center in the Bronx, at the James M. Kieran School (JHS 123). Like the Institute’s other school based health centers, all of which are in Manhattan, the center will offer primary and preventive care, social services and more. The school has about 500 students in grades 6-8.

By offering health center services right inside the school, the Institute makes it easy for students to get the services they need. We also work to connect caregivers and family members with health care and other resources. School based health centers are helpful for busy parents and students who may have a hard time scheduling doctor appointments. According to the New York City Department of Education, they’ve been shown to reduce student absences and caregivers’ time away from work.

The James M. Kieran School is located at 1025 Morrison Avenue in the Bronx’s Soundview neighborhood. Like all Institute health centers, the center accepts public insurance as well as dozens of private insurance plans, and can help students enroll in insurance if they don’t have it.