An Institute Hospital Partner Receives Statewide Recognition for Quality Care

An Institute Hospital Partner Receives Statewide Recognition for Quality Care

The Institute’s hospital partner and inpatient training site in the Mid-Hudson Valley, HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley, announced today that its two hospital campuses in Kingston rank No. 2 and No. 3 for having the lowest hospital-acquired condition rates in New York State. The rankings were published by the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as part of its Hospital-Acquired Conditions Reduction Program.

Hospital-acquired conditions are potentially deadly medical conditions or complications a patient can pick up during a hospital stay. They can include healthcare-associated infections, including pneumonia. They can also include non-infection conditions, such as side effects from a bad drug interaction, a transfusion with the wrong blood type, or bedsores.

HealthAlliance Hospital’s Broadway Campus had a total score of 1.75 and the Mary’s Avenue Campus had a total score of 2, CMS said.  The lower the score, the less likelihood a patient will pick up an undesirable condition while in the hospital. A score of 1 is the best; 10 is the worst. The state average was 5.9.

“Patient safety is HealthAlliance’s top priority, and we’re very pleased we ranked so extremely well in preventing hospital-acquired conditions,” said Jose Serpa, HealthAlliance’s administrative director of quality and performance improvement, in a statement. “The CMS safety goals are very high, and we, as a high-quality healthcare organization, responded aggressively to ensure we met the standards.”

Congratulations to our colleagues and friends at HealthAlliance on this achievement!