Dr. Sarin Itty

Sarin Itty, DO

Education and training

Medical school – Nova Southeastern University Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine
Undergraduate – Nova Southeastern University Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography

Professional interests

Women’s health
Reproductive health
Integrative medicine
Osteopathic manipulative medicine
Preventative medicine
Global health

A little about me

Dr. Sarin Itty was born and brought up in Westchester County. She joined Nova Southeastern University’s 3+4 BS/DO program and was in Florida for several years, during which she was also a research scholar. She is happy to be returning back to NY to continue her career as a physician. Her special interests include women’s health, reproductive health, integrative medicine, osteopathic manipulative medicine, preventative medicine, and global health.

In her free time, Dr. Itty enjoys baking, biking, movies, games, and travel.

Why I love my job

Dr. Itty is passionate about full spectrum family medicine practice, hoping to help shape the lives of her patients by improving their health and having a long lasting positive impact on their lives. She is excited to enter a rewarding field where she can learn, research, and teach while helping in caring manner to those in need. She desires to work with underserved populations and be part of the efforts to bridge health disparities.

Professional Experience and Accomplishments

Dr. Sarin Itty was born and brought up in Westchester County. In her undergraduate years, she was a Razor’s Edge Research Scholar during which she had participated in several research electives and published several articles over those years and beyond. She has had a myriad of research experiences – ranging from clinical experiences to lab research, in various fields including cancer, autism, urology, infectious disease, reproductive health, and the renin angiotensin system. She has also written an article published in Business Ethics and Leadership: “Breaking the Glass Ceiling Philosophy and Reality: A Study of Gender Progress and Career Development in the Corporate World.” She hopes to continue research throughout residency and her life.

Since middle school and throughout college, she has volunteered with Westchester Medical Center. In medical school, she was part of the Interprofessional Diabetes Education and Awareness Initiative, which was a program created to address the pressing needs of diabetes management and prevention in Broward County. During this experience, she helped create and deliver presentations for the community, along with other health professionals and graduate students. She has also volunteered at several health fairs including the AMSA Nigerian Health Fair and the AMSA Hendry Regional (Clewiston) Health Fair. She has also volunteered at Camp Boggy Creek, which is an opportunity for children with serious medical illnesses to experience camp life and bond with others who face similar conditions as them.