Dr. Nabilah Nishat

Nabilah Nishat, MD

Education and training

Medical School – NYU Long Island School of Medicine
Undergraduate – Fordham University

Professional interests

Addiction medicine
Adolescent medicine
Homeless health
Healthcare policy

A little about me

I am a first generation Bengali-American born and raised in Queens, NY. I have always been passionate about advocacy and first saw the intersection of social justice and medicine when I began to understand the impact of health disparities on my parents, who were undocumented for 18 years, and my immigrant community in Queens. I fell in love with family medicine when I saw the field promotes preventative medicine while also being in the forefront of fighting for a more equitable healthcare system.

Why I love my job

I love reading, painting, cooking and recently found that I enjoy going on hikes!

Professional certifications or affiliations

Physicians for National Health Program

Professional Experience and Accomplishments

I was a co-leader for Students for National Health Program. I invite conversations about public health issues ranging from mass incarceration to reproductive justice. I also learned how to advocate for issues like single-payer health care at both local and state levels to politicians. Since undergrad, I have been involved in diversity initiatives that mentor first generation/URM students to help them become healthcare professionals, which I hope continues to be a part of my my career as a physician.