Mark Lorthe
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Mark Lorthe, MD

Family Medicine Resident

Education and training

Medical School - Howard University College of Medicine

Professional experience & accomplishments

Dr. Mark Lorthe has worked as an RN at Montefiore Medical Center and as a nursing supervisor at a local nursing home. As a medical student, he was involved in several public health projects. He is a recipient of the Excellence in Medicine- Minority Scholars Award by the American Medical Association Foundation. Dr. Lorthe’s passion for medicine is best explained by a quote by the influential German pathologist of the 1800s, Rudolf Virchow: “For if medicine is really to accomplish its great task, it must intervene in political and social life. It must point out the hindrances that impede the normal social functioning of vital processes, and effect their removal.” Exercising his interest in mental health, preventative medicine, full-spectrum primary care, social justice, and working in underserved communities is how he lives up to that statement.