Joyce Higginson Davis
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Joyce Higginson Davis

Consultant, Joyce H. Davis Associates

Professional experience & accomplishments

Joyce Higginson Davis is a community leader, activist, organizer and business consultant, providing support in community building, leadership development and organizational change for both major corporations and non-profit organizations. She specializes in models designed to inspire and empower individuals, teams and organizations to take positive action. Her goals are to provide leadership and build institutions that inspire and empower people to solve their own problems and create healthy, thriving personal lives, teams, partnerships and cultures. Since the inception of Bronx Health REACH, Ms. Davis has led the Faith-based Outreach Initiative, recruiting pastors and health coordinators, and setting an agenda for community change. She is also an active member of the Bronx Health REACH Legal and Regulatory committee. Prior to joining REACH, Ms. Davis was executive director of the Mount Hope Housing Company, where she directed business operations, housing management, community development, human services, fund raising, and economic development. She is also the past president of the Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition, known nationally as the largest grassroots community preservation network in New York City. Ms. Davis is an appointed commissioner of the Commission on the Integrity of School Officials, chairperson and founding member of the Mama Foundation of the Arts, a founding member of The Bronx African American/Caribbean American Heritage Council, board chair of the Grand Concourse Academy, and an ordained Deacon who serves as the first woman chairperson of the Diaconate at Walker Memorial Baptist Church.