Daniel Napolitano
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Daniel Napolitano, MD

Vice President for Population Health; Director, Inpatient Medicine

Education and training

Residency - Mount Sinai Downtown Residency in Urban Family Medicine

Professional experience & accomplishments

Dr. Napolitano graduated from New Jersey Medical School (now Rutgers) in 2007 and completed residency at the Institute’s Beth Israel Family Medicine program. He was chief resident in 2010 and joined the Institute after graduation as junior faculty.

In 2014 he transitioned to work at another New York City FQHC, where he worked as deputy Chief Medical Officer, supervising medical directors at seven sites across the city and working closely with operations, finance, nursing and infectious disease on multiple quality initiatives.  In 2016, Dr. Napolitano returned to the Institute for Family Health as the Director of Inpatient Services for the Institute’s two New York City residency programs, where he expanded the inpatient service and helped integrate the Institute’s two downstate inpatient family medicine services into one teaching site.

In addition, Dr. Napolitano has worked to grow the Institute’s quality initiatives by supervising the clinical quality programs for key clinical quality areas (Hypertension, Substance Use Disorders, Cancer Screening Services, Asthma and COPD, Diabetes,  Vaccines, Transitions of Care, Annual Wellness Visits and Risk Coding).  He also collaborates with our hospital partners, payers and others to improve population health through a focus on health disparities, so that all patients can access the highest quality medical care regardless of race, ethnicity and economic status.  Dr. Napolitano has also served as a member of the American Cancer Society’s “Speakers’ Bureau,” through which he traveled to FQHCs in NYS to help teach about the benefits of stool-based colorectal cancer screening programs; and currently serves as co-chair for the C5’s community health center division which focuses on improving access and operations around colorectal cancer screening in FQHCs.