The Institute for Family Health Set to Launch Program That Expands Access to Care for Postpartum Women

January 15, 2014

This grant builds upon the Institute’s expertise in providing high-quality care to reproductive age women. Many Institute clinicians report that too often, patients, especially younger women, become pregnant again within a year of giving birth. Rapid repeat pregnancies (pregnancies that occur within six months of giving birth) are associated with negative birth outcomes and infant mortality. Increased access to comprehensive postpartum and interconception care – which includes risk assessments, health education, counseling, and access to contraception – will reduce unplanned pregnancies, and improve the overall health and well-being of postpartum women and their babies.

“Advancement of women’s health is a top priority at the Institute,” said Dr. Linda Prine, program director. “We have implemented several other programs funded by the March of Dimes that have seen dramatic decreases in low birth weight, premature births, and c-section rates. This program will expand access to family planning options and provide critical postpartum support for new moms.”

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