New York Times article on Contraception “Gaps”

September 18, 2012

The Institute for Family Health’s Dr. Ruth Lesnewski was featured in today’s New York Times.  The article, written by Jane Brody and entitled “Between Contraceptives, a Gap to Bridge” described how women can avoid an unplanned pregnancy by using birth control consistently and correctly. Dr. Lesnewski explains, “Many women get pregnant when they stop one birth control method before starting another.” Dr. Lesnewski, who also co-founded and serves on the Board of Directors of the not-for-profit Reproductive Health Access Project, explains that many women do not understand how to stay protected while switching methods, and don’t have ready access to accurate information. Last year, Dr. Lesnewski and two other Institute clinicians, Dr. Linda Prine and Dr. Regina Ginzburg, authored an article on contraception gaps for the medical journal American Family Physician. Need help with your birth control?  All Institute centers offer comprehensive women’s health care services. Find a location near you to make an appointment. Links: New York Times article by Jane Brody:   Reproductive Health Access Project:   American Family Physician article by Drs. Lesnewski, Prine and Ginzburg: