Institute for Family Health Receives $350,000 in Funding to Support HIV Programs in the Bronx and Manhattan

August 12, 2015

New York, NY (August  12, 2015) – The Institute for Family Health received a total of $350,000  in grant funding from the New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute to support two HIV/AIDS programs in the Bronx and Manhattan. The two grants will support primary care retention and adherence services at the Institute’s Sidney Hillman/Phillips Family Practice in Manhattan and Urban Horizons Family Health Center in the Bronx.

The funding will allow the Institute to provide targeted services to people living with HIV/AIDS who are either newly diagnosed, new to HIV primary care, or those patients who are not virally suppressed and/or treatment adherent. The new grants will fund new staff positions at each site, including retention and adherence specialists and peer educators.

The Institute has received New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute funding since 1998.