Institute for Family Health Announces New Web Address,

November 25, 2014

Dr. Neil Calman, the Institute’s president and CEO, said, “Since our founding, the Institute has grown from a small non-profit with just four staff members, to a robust health center network with more than 1,000 providers and staff. We continue to expand access to high quality health care in New York State, as well as training programs aimed at preparing the health care workforce for a new era. This new, memorable website domain will ensure that patients and the public can easily find out about our services and programs, and join in our mission to ensure access to care in underserved New York communities.”

In addition to the new web domain, the Institute’s website will prominently showcase its three family medicine residency programs, the Harlem Residency in Family Medicine, the Mid-Hudson Family Practice Residency Program and the Mount Sinai Beth Israel Residency in Urban Family Medicine. The site features easier navigation and better integration with social media.

“The Institute’s website is a gateway for our patients, colleagues and funders to learn about our locations, health care services training programs, and community-based advocacy,” said Maxine Golub, senior vice president for planning and development. “This new, simpler domain name maximizes our exposure in the digital space, while the website upgrade allows us greater flexibility in highlighting our accomplishments through social media and video.”