The Institute Hosts 2019 Research & Innovation Symposium

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Allana Edwards

The Institute Hosts 2019 Research & Innovation Symposium

April 30, 2019

Each spring, the Institute hosts a Research & Innovation Symposium where staff, students, and organizational partners showcase their research and evaluation projects in clinical and community innovation, continuous quality improvement, and scientific inquiry. The event recognizes the hard work of Institute staff and partners who constantly strive to improve their services and better serve their communities.

This year’s event theme was “Innovation: The Power of Teams.” Awards were given to projects in four different categories—Research, Continuous Project Improvement, Innovative Projects, and Resident-led. At the end of the event, the attendees voted for their favorite project to win the People’s Choice Award.

First place winners in each category were:

Research: “Food as Medicine: Vegetable & Fruit Rx Program (VFRx) at Walton, Mt. Hope & Stevenson Health Centers” by authors Rachel Ingram, MSW, Emma Rodgers, MS, Mubashir Mohi-ud-Din, MPH, Charmaine Ruddock, MS, Neil S. Calman, MD, FAAFP, and Margaret Paul, PhD, MS.

Continuous Project Improvement: “FIT to Reduce Health Disparities: QI and Community Outreach in Harlem” by authors Euny Lee, MS, PhD Candidate, Jessica Tam, RN, CNOR, Zaira Hernandez-Cinto, BA, Chae Boyd, MD, and Guedy Arniella, LCSW.

Innovative Projects:  “Faith-Based Intervention to Control Hypertension Among African Americans and Latinos in the Bronx” by authors Immaculada Moronta, MIM, Charmaine Ruddock, MS, Emma Rodgers, MS, and Neil S. Calman, MD, FAAFP.

Resident-led: “Improving Mammogram Report Return Rate: A CQI at the Family Health Center of Harlem” by authors Gabrielle Surick, MD and Kendall Rao, MD.

People’s Choice Award: “Improving Rates of Post-Partum Contraception on Labor & Delivery Prior to Hospital Discharge” by authors Sharon Avgush MD, Yuliana De los Santos, DO, Stanislav Grinberg, MD, Nosheen Nazakat, MD, Megumi Tamaki-Seiffert, MD, and Aimee Smith, DO.