The Institute for Family Health welcomes The Joint Commission for site visit

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Sophia Guida

The Institute for Family Health welcomes The Joint Commission for site visit

November 30, 2022

The Institute for Family Health is proud to be accredited by The Joint Commission, an independent organization that evaluates health care organizations to ensure the quality and safety of patient care. We received our original accreditation in 2004, and continue to be one of only a small number of health centers nationwide that have earned this distinction.

As part of the Joint Commission’s review process, evaluators make unscheduled visits to our centers to observe our work. We were delighted to welcome the reviewers during the week of November 14-18. Our staff and Board demonstrated their ongoing commitment to our patients throughout the review. At the end of the visit, the Joint Commission team shared their positive feedback, including:

“We found ourselves inspired by your organizational culture and the quality of care that you give.”

“We are impressed by your comprehensive health record – your concern for the whole person is reflected in you choosing to combine the patient’s primary care, behavioral health and oral health records.”

“From the patients we spoke with it is clear that the staff are truly appreciated – you should be proud of all that you do.”

“The organization has created a great working environment. The longevity of the staff speaks volumes about their dedication to the work you all do.”

“The members of your Governing Board demonstrated through their comments and interaction with the Joint Commission a commitment and grasp of public policy issues, leadership and oversight that many other Boards can only aspire to.”

The Joint Commission team also shared with us their recommendations for how we can further improve our services. They provided guidance on how we can enhance our sterilization and infection control procedures, and update some policies and procedures to provide the highest-quality care possible.  We appreciate how the Joint Commission’s high standards help us provide the very best service to our patients, and we look forward to implementing these enhancements.

We are grateful to all of the Institute staff and Board members who give their best to our patients and communities every day!