The Institute Expands Access to “OpenNotes” Visit Notes for Patients

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The Institute Expands Access to “OpenNotes” Visit Notes for Patients

June 30, 2021

The Institute is proud be part of “OpenNotes,” a national effort to give patients access to their health care visit notes. Studies show that people generally only remember about 40% of what is said in a health care visit, and half of that is quickly forgotten. The Institute strongly believes that patients should be able to view their notes, so they can use that information to play a more active role in working with their provider to achieve their health goals.

Recently, the Institute was featured in the Health Affairs blog for our unique effort to ensure that all patients can benefit from their visit notes, regardless of what language they speak. As noted in the blog, “The Institute for Family Health, one of the largest FQHC networks in New York State, contracted with a vendor to translate notes, so all patients, regardless of their English proficiency, can understand and use their health information.”

Interested in viewing your notes? Institute patients can access their visit notes through MyChart. Login and go to “Visits” to find the visit you want to review – it’s that easy! If you don’t have MyChart, go to to sign up today.

Funding for the Institute’s implementation of OpenNotes was provided by the New York State Health Foundation.