The Future of Health Education
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The Future of Health Education

October 22, 2015

The Future of Health Education

In celebration of National Health Education Week , we highlight a member of our 2014-15 Community HealthCorps team – Neesha Rose.  Today was her last day serving as a Diabetes Prevention and Education Coach at our Sidney Hillman Family Practice.  We wish her well in her future endeavors in public health!  Below is her reflection on her time working with the Institute:

“In the beginning I worried clinical staff wouldn’t take me seriously, but over time my value became evident. I was the person who took the time (that clinicians don’t have) to talk with the patient, help them reach goals and really be an open ear. Because, many of the barriers our patients face are things they deal with that are completely unrelated to health. Life stresses that can make even thinking about their diabetes difficult.

As a Diabetes Prevention & Education Coach, my role was to provide basic nutrition and education to patients and inform them about resources available to them at the health center. I helped them to set health goals they could work towards and ultimately achieve. When I started college I realized getting an MD was not for me. I wondered how I would utilize my passion for health care. During my service year with Community HealthCorps, I realized that as much as I love seeing patients one-on-one, I ultimately want to be someone who can effect change [in healthcare] on a larger scale. HealthCorps helped me to realize that it was possible. I’m looking forward to what the future holds for me!”