The Evolution of Health Care: Dr. Resa Caivano, Class of 2006

May 11, 2017

“Being a woman of color, it was really important for me to practice primary care as a family physician. My focus has always been underserved communities – and having that skill set nurtured during my residency training uniquely equipped me to provide comprehensive care to people who may otherwise not get that care.”

Dr. Caivano remains committed to serving medically underserved populations. In addition to seeing patients daily, she works with a team of physicians on a project to aid patients with sickle cell disease – which disproportionately affects African-Americans.

“I had such an overall great experience during my residency,” she says. “The attendings I worked with during my residency were very much dedicated to social justice and that really helped shape how I saw myself as a physician advocate for patients.”

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