The Evolution of Health Care: Dr. Joe Llenos, Class of 2009
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The Evolution of Health Care: Dr. Joe Llenos, Class of 2009

May 18, 2017

Dr. Llenos graduated from the Institute’s Mid-Hudson Family Medicine Residency Program in 2009.“I loved the setting of being in a rural community,” he says. “I got exposed to how vital a health center is to the local community – you’re not working just to finish your day, you want to have an impact on the community. It’s one thing I valued during my time in residency.”

Dr. Llenos continues to practice family medicine at a clinic in Caldwell, Idaho. He spoke with us recently about how his time as a resident has shaped his career.

“I gained a better picture of people with very limited income. You have to be really careful and cognitive on how you can help the patient without putting a lot of burden on them financially,” said Dr Llenos.

Dr. Llenos reflected on the times during residency he encountered patients with complex illnesses.

“My training [at the Mid-Hudson Family Medicine Residency] really opened me up to how multidisciplinary care plays a vital role in helping a patient with a complicated illness. We collaborated with providers from mental health and other specialties to ensure the patient received the best possible care,” he said.

Dr. Llenos continued, “This helped build my confidence and has carried over into how I practice now. When I see a patient – I don’t think of a one-dimension illness, I look at it from different angles.”

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