Nominate a member of our staff for a DAISY or BEE Award

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Sophia Guida

Nominate a member of our staff for a DAISY or BEE Award

April 23, 2024

The Institute for Family Health is pleased to offer the DAISY Award and BEE Award to recognize and honor extraordinary nurses, medical office assistants, and patient services representatives. Patients, patients’ families, and fellow staff can nominate a nurse, medical office assistant or patient service representative for one of these prizes.

The DAISY Award honors registered nurses and licensed practical nurses who go above and beyond in their passion, empathy, trust-building ability, admirable attributes, love for the profession, and selflessness. The BEE Award honors medical office assistants and patient service representatives who demonstrate integrity, commitment, advocacy, respect and excellence in patient care. Just as a DAISY cannot bloom without the help of a BEE, a BEE cannot survive without a DAISY.

As we work to fulfill our mission to provide top-quality health care for all who need it, the DAISY and BEE Awards highlight the way our staff provide vital care to all who enter our doors, from beginning to end. We are proud of the clinical skill and compassion of our staff, and we are thrilled to be able to offer these awards to honor their outstanding care and service.

Click here to nominate a staff member for one of these awards.

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