National Health Center Week 2019

August 12, 2019

We are proud beyond words to be one of the 1,400 health centers across the country who put good health within reach for over 28 million people each year. And we know that good health doesn’t start and stop at the health center walls – every aspect of a person’s life can affect their health. So this year, we celebrated National Health Center Week (Aug 4 – 10, 2019) by registering people to vote!

Our staff were onsite at our health centers in Manhattan, the Bronx and New Paltz with voter registration forms, ready to assist community residents with completing their registration and making sure it reached the NYS Board of Elections. We helped over 60 people register to vote in just a few days!

Do you need to register to vote in New York State? This year, your application must be mailed by October 11 to vote in the general election on November 5. You can check your registration status, register online, or download a voter registration application and mail it in.

Remember – your vote is your voice!


Institute staff ready to register voters.



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