Murry Bergtraum School-Based Health Center opens its doors

February 11, 2020

Last week, the Institute was pleased to open a school-based health center inside Murry Bergtraum Campus, which comprises four public high schools. Like the Institute’s other six school-based health centers, the one in Murry Bergtraum aims to provide accessible, affordable health care to students during the school day.

For many busy parents and students, school-based health centers negate the need for school absences and missed work hours by offering care during the school day. In addition to preventative medical care and health education, students can also access mental health services and social services, such as the ability to meet with a counselor or help with signing up for health insurance.

Murry Bergtraum Campus is located in lower Manhattan at 411 Pearl Street. It serves 1,250 students in grades 9-12. As in all Institute health centers, no one is turned away based on their ability to pay or immigration status.

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