Meet Our Diabetes Team: Migdalia Morel

November 04, 2015

In recognition of American Diabetes Month, each week this month we will highlight one staff member that works on our diabetes team. First up is Migdalia Morel – a Diabetes Health Coach at our Walton Family Health Center in the Bronx. You may remember her from our video “Here to Help: Diabetes Prevention & Management.”

“I am from the Bronx and I wanted to do something to improve the health of my community.  I fell into this job and I love it because I am really making a difference.

I recently ended an NDPP (National Diabetes Prevention Program) course and one patient from the course told me a pretty funny story about how he is avoiding eating fatty foods. When he visits the local “chicken spot” he said he sees my face telling him to turn around and not eat that.  It is rewarding to see that I am changing the way people live and helping them to make healthier choices!”

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