Institute Harlem Residency Grads Continue Service to Underserved Communities
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Institute Harlem Residency Grads Continue Service to Underserved Communities

July 19, 2016


Photo: Members of the Harlem Residency in Family Medicine Class of 2016


Last month, members of our Harlem Residency in Family Medicine class of 2016 graduated and are now taking next steps in their family medicine careers. Many of the graduates will continue to practice family medicine in medically underserved communities. Seven members of the class of 2016 will continue working in community health centers:

“My reason for continuing work as a primary care physician in an urban underserved community is personal,” explained Dr. Olanrewaju Adedokun.

“As a first generation Nigerian-American child growing up in metro Atlanta, I received my medical and dental care from community health physicians and dentists – care that I may not have otherwise received. Visiting Lawndale Community Center in Southside Chicago  and working/training with the Institute in East Harlem over the last three years has humbled me. I have seen first-hand the impact I can personally make in a community.  As long as I have the means and energy, I hope to continue to be a lifeline and medical resource to those most in need.”

Dr. Adedokun will continue his career at a clinic in the South Bronx.

We commend these physicians for continuing the work they began in Harlem and the Bronx as a part of our residency program.