Institute doc Shares “Fresh Perspective” on Training and Providing Health Care in NYC

April 06, 2016

Dr. Margaux Lazarin, MPH, an alumni of our Mount Sinai Beth Israel Residency in Urban Family Medicine and provider at Urban Horizons Family Health Center in the Bronx, recently penned a blog for the AAFP (American Academy of Family Physicians) blog, “Fresh Perspectives.” She shared her perspective and reflections on training and practicing in medically underserved communities in New York City.  Below is an excerpt from her blog post. 

“My residency, the Mount Sinai Beth Israel Residency in Urban Family Medicine offers a diversity and complexity of patients that is unique to New York. With patients from around the globe, we had to keep a broad differential in mind as we also learned to treat the “bread and butter” family medicine cases.

But there was something far more important to my learning as a physician than the diagnoses that I made. My patients not only came from different countries, had different socioeconomic backgrounds and spoke different languages, they often had differing views of disease processes and expectations of the patient-physician relationship.”

Read the full blog post here: So Long New York, You Were Exactly the Trial This New FP Needed

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