Guedy Arniella Receives “Above and Beyond: Women” Award

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Guedy Arniella Receives “Above and Beyond: Women” Award

March 27, 2024

On March 27, 2024, Guedy Arniella, LCSW, the Institute’s director of community health and outreach, received the “Above and Beyond: Women” award from City & State New York. The award honors women in a variety of sectors who exhibit exemplary leadership in their fields and have made important contributions to society. Ms. Arniella was honored at a reception at Sony Hall in Midtown Manhattan.

Guedy Arniella is a clinical social worker and psychotherapist with extensive experience working in East and Central Harlem and the South Bronx. At the Institute, she oversees a city-wide Immigrant Health Initiative, among other programs. She has been a co-principal investigator on numerous NIH and CDC grants aimed at addressing health disparities, and is fluent in Spanish.

Ms. Arniella’s focus has always been to help improve the quality of life of those that are at higher risk for or impacted by health problems in  communities of color. Prior to joining the Institute, Ms. Arniella managed the adult psychiatric department at Mount Sinai Medical Center and served as director of outreach for North General Hospital. In her current work at the Institute, she helps to assure access to essential health care for thousands of individuals in groups and communities affected by racism, discrimination and poverty, including formerly incarcerated people and asylum-seeking families.

The Institute is grateful for Ms. Arniella’s work in support of the communities we serve, and congratulates her on this achievement.

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