Get to know the GUARDD study: a simple DNA test to determine risk of kidney problems

October 29, 2021

Did you know? A simple DNA test can find out if people with recent African ancestry and high blood pressure are more likely to develop serious kidney problems. This simple DNA test is available to patients at Institute for Family Health centers in the Mid-Hudson Valley, the Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan through the GUARDD-US research study. GUARDD stands for “Genetic testing to Understand and Address Renal Disease Disparities.”

Patients who are over 18, are Black, African-American, or of recent African-ancestry and have high blood pressure are encouraged to take part in this study to find out if they may be at higher risk for kidney disease. This test can also help patients work with their providers to discuss and make a plan for better health.

Contact us if you are interested in joining this study! You will receive compensation for participating.

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