A Few Words about Vaccines

August 31, 2021

Childhood vaccinations: Vaccines are an important part of keeping your child healthy. With the school year starting again, you may want to schedule an appointment to talk with your child’s provider about any vaccines they may have missed in the past year. Use these links to review the CDC-recommended schedule for children ages 0-6 years and 7-18 years, or use an upcoming appointment to ask your family’s provider if your child is up-to-date. You can make an appointment with your child’s provider through MyChart or by calling (844) 434-2778. Remember that vaccines are free for children without insurance.

COVID-19 Vaccines for Children: If your child is over the age of 12, they can get vaccinated against COVID-19. There are several COVID-19 vaccines available now, but the only the Pfizer vaccine is currently approved for ages 12-18.  Ask your child’s provider where to get a Pfizer vaccine, which requires two doses, or visit our website for links to NYC, Ulster and Dutchess county information.

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