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Kristen Gavidia

Resident Physician
Headshot of Kristen Gavidia

Kirali Genao

Resident Physician
Headshot of Kirali Genao

Maria “Masha” Gervits

Faculty Physician; Director of Obstetrics
Headshot of Maria “Masha” Gervits

Astride Gilles

Family Nurse Practitioner Resident
Headshot placeholder for Astride Gilles

Ginger Gillespie

Family Physician; Medical Director, The Institute for Family Health at 17th Street
Headshot of Ginger Gillespie

Margaret Glausser

Assistant Professor of Family Medicine; Associate Medical Director, Walton Family Health Center
Headshot of Margaret Glausser

Courtney Goeb

Program Director, Cadman Center for Counseling
Headshot of Courtney Goeb

Robert Goldberg

Headshot of Robert Goldberg

Bella Gonzales

Registered Dental Hygienist
Headshot placeholder for Bella Gonzales

Raquel Graham

Resident Physician
Headshot of Raquel Graham

Stephanie Graziano

Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Headshot of Stephanie Graziano

Sashena Green

Nurse Practitioner Fellow
Headshot of Sashena Green

Saige Bree Greenwell

Resident Physician
Headshot of Saige Bree Greenwell

Navneet Grewal

Resident Physician
Headshot of Navneet Grewal

Ashley Guadalupe-Padgett

Associate Medical Director
Headshot of Ashley Guadalupe-Padgett

Margaret Gunther

Associate Regional Director, Behavioral Health
Headshot placeholder for Margaret Gunther

Nikita Gupta

Resident Physician
Headshot of Nikita Gupta

Nailah Harvey

Resident Physician
Headshot of Nailah Harvey

Yasmin Hashemi

Attending Physician
Headshot of Yasmin Hashemi

Wesley Ho

Medical Director; Residency Faculty
Headshot of Wesley Ho