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Fern Davis

Family Nurse Practitioner
Headshot of Fern Davis

Krishna Dholakia

Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist
Headshot placeholder for Krishna Dholakia

Julia Donahue

Family Nurse Practitioner
Headshot of Julia Donahue

Farriangie Dorce

Resident Physician
Headshot of Farriangie Dorce

Melissa Douglas

Mental Health Clinician; Associate Program Director
Headshot placeholder for Melissa Douglas

Sarah Duncan

Family Physician
Headshot of Sarah Duncan

Linda Eagleton

Mental Health Clinician
Headshot placeholder for Linda Eagleton

Lily Eisenberg

Physician; Affiliate Medical Lecturer of CUNY School of Medicine
Headshot of Lily Eisenberg

Yvonne Eisner

Family Nurse Practitioner; Medical Director, Walton Family Health Center
Headshot of Yvonne Eisner

Holly Ellison

Headshot placeholder for Holly Ellison

Christine England

Family Nurse Practitioner
Headshot placeholder for Christine England

Ronit Etra

Pediatric Dentist
Headshot placeholder for Ronit Etra

Melissa Evans

Family Medicine Obstetrics Attending
Headshot of Melissa Evans

Michelle Falcon

Program Director, Behavioral Health
Headshot of Michelle Falcon

Chelsea Faso

Reproductive Health Care and Advocacy Fellow; Preceptor
Headshot of Chelsea Faso

Naila Ferris

Resident Physician
Headshot of Naila Ferris

Imma Forestal

Family Physician
Headshot of Imma Forestal

Bridget Foy

Osteopathic Faculty
Headshot of Bridget Foy

Ingrid Frengle-Burke

Family Nurse Practitioner
Headshot of Ingrid Frengle-Burke

Mariposa Garth

Family Physician
Headshot of Mariposa Garth