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Veronica Rivera

Attending physician
Headshot of Veronica Rivera

Lauren Roddy

Resident Physician
Headshot of Lauren Roddy

Sherriann Rodney

Resident Physician
Headshot of Sherriann Rodney

Kathryn De La Rosa

Attending Physician
Headshot of Kathryn De La Rosa

Andrea Rosa

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Headshot placeholder for Andrea Rosa

Benjamin Rosenberg

Mental Health Clinician
Headshot placeholder for Benjamin Rosenberg

Rachel Roth

Faculty Physician
Headshot of Rachel Roth

Susan Rubin

Reproductive Health Research Director; Attending Physician
Headshot of Susan Rubin

Sarah Phillips Saltzman

Attending Physician
Headshot of Sarah Phillips Saltzman

Marta Sanchez

Medical Director, Pine Street Family Health Center
Headshot of Marta Sanchez

Gabriela Sanchez-Bravo

Headshot of Gabriela Sanchez-Bravo

Nicole Martinez Santana

Nurse Practitioner Fellow
Headshot of Nicole Martinez Santana

Yuliana De los Santos

Family Physician
Headshot of Yuliana De los Santos

Sarah Sayres

Mental Health Clinician
Headshot placeholder for Sarah Sayres

Lisa Schaffer

Family Nurse Practitioner
Headshot of Lisa Schaffer

Jaime Schehr

Integrative Medicine Faculty
Headshot of Jaime Schehr

Eugene Schiff

Clinical Director, Adult and Childhood Vaccines; Attending Physician, Stevenson Family Health Center
Headshot of Eugene Schiff

Julie Schoonover

Attending Physician
Headshot of Julie Schoonover

Mayra Hernandez Schulte

Women's Health Junior Attending
Headshot placeholder for Mayra Hernandez Schulte

Erica Seaton

Mental Health Clinician
Headshot placeholder for Erica Seaton