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Yvonne Eisner

Family Nurse Practitioner; Medical Director, Walton Family Health Center
Headshot of Yvonne Eisner

Ronit Etra

Pediatric Dentist
Headshot placeholder for Ronit Etra

Astride Gilles

Family Nurse Practitioner Resident
Headshot placeholder for Astride Gilles

Margaret Glausser

Assistant Professor of Family Medicine; Associate Medical Director, Walton Family Health Center
Headshot of Margaret Glausser

Michelle Marchiano

Family Nurse Practitioner Fellow
Headshot of Michelle Marchiano

Peter Marcus

Physician; Preceptor
Headshot of Peter Marcus

Premila Mathews

Faculty Physician
Headshot of Premila Mathews

Jordan McDonald

Resident Physician
Headshot of Jordan McDonald

Ivonne McLean

Assistant Program Director, Harlem Residency in Family Medicine; Attending Physician
Headshot of Ivonne McLean

Esha Mehta

Resident Physician
Headshot of Esha Mehta

Brianna Michael

Resident Physician
Headshot of Brianna Michael

Avni Mittal

Resident Physician
Headshot of Avni Mittal

Valerie Moscoso

Resident Physician
Headshot of Valerie Moscoso

Gabriela Sanchez-Bravo

Headshot of Gabriela Sanchez-Bravo

Nicole Martinez Santana

Nurse Practitioner Fellow
Headshot of Nicole Martinez Santana

Julie Schoonover

Attending Physician
Headshot of Julie Schoonover

Mayra Hernandez Schulte

Women's Health Junior Attending
Headshot placeholder for Mayra Hernandez Schulte

Karol Serafin

Resident Physician
Headshot of Karol Serafin

Robert Svechin

Headshot of Robert Svechin

Mohammed Tarr

Addiction Medicine Fellow
Headshot of Mohammed Tarr